Protest at the Inter-Citic Minerals AGM

Yesterday, on Thursday, May 26th, Students for a Free Tibet Canada held  a protest outside the Scotia Plaza at 40 King St. West, Toronto. Protesters targetted the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Inter-Citic Minerals (listed on the TSX as ICI), and demanded for a moratorium n the company’s mining project in Dachang, located in Eastern Tibet.

Inter-Citic Minerals is currently conducting exploration to develop a mine in Dachang against the wishes of the Tibetan people. In 2009, the Chinese government announced a five-year plan to continue their nomad resettlement program that is set to relocate a projected 530,000 nomads.

The Chinese government claims that the resettlement is in order to preserve the Tibet Plateau’s fragile environment, but in reality resettlement is being pursued in order to exploit the mineral resources of the Tibetan plateau.

Coverage from Voice of Tibet (fast forward to 9:30 mark):

For more details visit:

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