Tibet Landslide Highlights Devastating Impact of Mining

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April 12, 2013

A tragic landslide in Gyama (near Lhasa) has claimed the lives of 83 people, 2 of whom were Tibetan. Rights advocates and environmental experts argue that the landslide was caused by aggressive operations that heavily damaged the environment. In recent years local Tibetans have protested the operations in Gyama and many Tibetans have been arrested and beaten in response by Chinese authorities.

When we launched our divestment campaign in 2011, we released a report focused on Mining operations in Gyama valley titled “China Gold International Resource Reputational Risk Report” which cited a study by a University of Eastern Finland Faculty of Science and Forestry Department of Environmental Science. According to that study:

“Gyama valley, situated south of the Lhasa River, about 70 km upstream from Lhasa city, is one of the most intensively mining exploited areas in T.A.R.”

“The many mining activities and processing deposits in the valley, containing large amounts of heavy metals, such as Pb, Cu, Zn and Mn, are of considerable environmental concern. These deposits are prone to leak its contaminants through seepage water and erosion of particulates, and pose therefore a future risk for the local environment and a potential threat to the downstream water quality.”

The local mining operation funded by China Gold is listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange and has a Canadian office in Vancouver, where there are protests scheduled as well. Join us to demand China Gold halt its operations in Tibet, and demand that Canadian mining companies hold themselves accountable for the environmental damage and human rights abuses in Tibet caused by mining operations.

gyama mining pit

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