Here’s a list of useful links for more information regarding the problems associated with mining in Tibet.

Tibetan Government-In-Exile Opposed to Mining in Tibet: October 2009 statement by the Central Tibetan Administration following a round-table meeting with Canadian mining company Continental Minerals Inc.

Who Own’s Tibet’s Gold: Australia Tibet Council’s report on SinoGold, the first Australian mining firm to attempt to establish mine operations in Tibet.

Media coverage of Sino Gold’s Pull out From Tibet.

Dirty Metals: Mining, communities and the environment, a report by Earthworks and Oxfam International outlining the social, environmental and economic costs of gold mining in particular.

More information on the environmental implication of gold mining.

Tarnishing the Earth’s Gold: Gold mining’s Dirty Secret, published by Environmental Health Perspectives.

The Tibetan Plateau Blog shares news, information and perspectives on Tibetan environment and development issues.

Mining Watchdogs:

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